Services and fees

Business Photo Solutions

All of our engagements are for a custom package that is strategically aligned with overall brand/campaign messaging, delivery genre, and some specifically targeted call-to-action tactics.

Our average engagement is $500-$1500.  A typical 2-4-professionals dental/optometry/chiropractors' clinic engagement (or a restaurant or retail) might include:

  • 2-4 Headshots
  • 5-15 business interior photos (capturing the entire space) and a storefront photo - Not just documentary photos, but eye-catching creative viewpoints of your business that get new buyers in your door.
  • 5-10 product photos (fine art, food, jewelry, ...)
  • One 5-15-node Google Street View business interior tour  (Google Street View except an inside tour of the business)
  • ...all of which we upload directly to Google's Maps and Search reference for Google to display for consumers searches.

For Google Street View Services:

The cost of shooting your location will depend on the size and what you would like to cover, so we should discuss your needs, but as a start - complete packages start at $300 for a small business with 5 panos and 3 "beauty" shots, and includes a little post-processing if needed. Additional panos are just $25 each and beauty shots are $15 each. To give you an idea of the number of panos needed to best show your business, the typical Subway would need 5, where the typical Chili’s would need about 20.

What these services can do for your business:

  • Enhance brand messaging
  • Increase customer/patient lead-flow and retention
  • Grow business sales volume.

Here are some recent local examples of our work-

360 tours:


​We also have some specialized capabilities such as:



Custom Panoramas (bottom of page)

We greatly value the opportunity to be guided by the client's professional marketing expert or firm.  

The best way for us to provide you a customized photo shoot plan and fee is for you to contact us now.